Social Work

Social workers in Brisbane / SEQ

What is Social Work?

Our social workers proactively work with participants to connect them with their community and access the services they need. We work with clients of all ages and complexity levels who may be at risk of harm or vulnerability.

What can I expect?

You can expect our social workers to listen to you without judgement, to advocate for you and to provide you a service you are satisfied with. We will provide guidance and support every step of the way to you and your stakeholders to help you achieve your goals.

We’re here to support you in your journey
We’re here to support you in your journey

How can a social worker help you?

  • Sustainably build your knowledge-base and awareness of services within your community
  • Support you in your journey to build your support network to cater to your needs or to help you engage more meaningfully with your existing network
  • Support you to develop autonomy and build upon your self-management skills
  • Advocate for you to ensure your wants and needs are met

Social work services available

  • Case management
  • Complex problem solving
  • The facilitation of stakeholder engagement
  • Psychosocial assessments and plan review reports
  • Applications and advocacy with various agencies including:
    • Referrals to other mainstream and NDIS funded supports
    • Centrelink and other Government services
    • Housing and tenancy
    • Companion Card
    • QCAT
    • Health, Medical and Hospital
    • NDIS/Aged Care
    • Taxi Forms, Disability Forms
    • Support to gain ID documents
  • Research to plan events and activities in the community
  • Support to explore study, work, and other meaningful activities
  • Psychoeducation for participants and stakeholders
  • Safety plans and risk assessments
Meet our Social Worker
Photograph_Amar Mesalic

Amar Mesalic

Master of Social Work

Social Worker

Amar is an experienced social worker, with over 5 years’ experience working with participants on the NDIS across various roles. Amar works with adults of all ages and specialises in working with participants presenting with severe and persistent mental illness including depression and anxiety, psychotic disorders, and personality disorders. Amar also has speciality in working with participants with backgrounds of trauma and Acquired Brain Injury.

Amar is influenced by critical social work theory, systems theory and post-structuralist ideology. Critical social work theory emphasizes the importance of challenging social inequalities, advocating for systemic change and promoting social justice. Systems theory provides a framework for understanding the complex interconnections within social systems, enabling a holistic approach to problem-solving. Poststructuralist ideology emphasises questioning traditional power structures and promoting equal opportunities and access for all.

By integrating these theories and models, Amar ensures that every individual he works with is empowered and connected to their community.

When Amar isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his partner and his two Labradors, and watching and playing sports.

You can contact Amar via mobile on 0426 862 074 or via email at


Amar has always been passionate about working with a small team of like-minded individuals within the mental health sector.

Get to know Amar

Me as Music: It might depend on my mood that day
Me in 5 words: compassionate, committed, persistent, thoughtful, conscientious
Me in Emoji: ♂️🎮🦮📺🌯
Me as fruit: A ‘what fruit am I’ quiz told me I was an apple.
Beach or bush: Can I say both?

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